This is practice for Behind the Mask.



Appeal for Whistleblowers and People with Helpful Information



The project to expose those "Behind the Mask" is ongoing.

While I think the information on this site provides a great start, there is more to be discovered.


I'm seeking assistance from people who believe it's wrong for the Southern Company and its affiliates, primarily Alabama Power and Mississippi Power, to secretly engage people and organizations to do and say things that the company is itself unwilling to do.


That they do so, and without regard for those in their way, is the position taken by, "Is Alabama Power Behind the Mask?"


More is needed in order to prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt and -- the goal here -- to get Alabama Power, Mississippi Power and/or their parent company or other affiliates to acknowledge their role in schemes to described on this web-site.


That includes but is not limited to the effort to grossly mischaracterize the motives of PSC Commissioner Terry Dunn for the simply doing his job.


It's always best to have "on the record" statements. That's when someone is willing to make statements and be quoted. However, there are sure to be some people who, for whatever reason, simply cannot be quoted or identified. "Off the record" sources can be very helpful, such as in directing a reporter or investigator to certain records and/or people who can be helpful.


The type of information I am seeking includes but is not limited to:


-- Assistance from people who work for or are associated with some of the companies, organizations or individuals mentioned on this web-site. That could include descriptions of events or meetings. Examples of records I'm seeking include: payment records; letters; e-mails; contracts or agreements; and relevant court records or government filings.


--  Statements by people who have served as bogus protesters or who have been asked to, such as at PSC meetings. Payment records, if they exist, would be quite helpful.


-- Statements or records related to strategies to influence or provide secret assistance to  government officials or employees whose actions have benefited the parties described on this web-site.


My contact information is:

Eddie Curran

Phone: 251-454-1911

133 Silverwood

Mobile, AL 36607