Curran Research Services LLC



(Note: The address above had been changed to: 133 Silverwood; Mobile, AL 36607)

      As a reporter, I prided myself in taking a creative, open-minded approach to each situation, 

and in being thorough. I will do the same for you. My goal is to try to provide information and insights

that you were previously unaware of and had not considered.

       Give me your research or information needs problems, big and small. You don't have time to do it,

and may not have the resources.

Licensed Private Detective/Investigator by the City of Mobile, application pending with State of Alabama


            Professional Background For many years, I worked as a reporter at the Mobile Press-Register, where I specialized in

investigative reporting and developed a series of tools for reporting on politics, business, the courts and other matters.  As a result,

I have considerable experience in locating and using public records and interviewing people, then presenting the research in narrative form.


             Clientele I provide services for plaintiffs and defense attorneys involved in litigation or contemplating litigation; criminal

defense lawyers with investigative needs; people or businesses with investigative or research needs -- really, anyone in need of knowing

more about a person, business or situation.

             Services.  The following is a summary of the types of services I offer:


                         • Research and Investigative Services – Performing in-depth research and investigative services on individuals and companies

and preparing written reports in connection with civil litigation, proposed business relationships or strategic decision making.


                        •  Public Relations/Media Consulting Services – Based on an intimate knowledge of and insight into the media, providing advice and

developing a strategy for people who find themselves under media scrutiny, or who wish to get their message out in the media.


                        •  Locating addresses and/or employer's, such as for service


                        •  Interviewing potential witnesses

                        •  Procuring public records

                        •  Summarizing depositions

                        •  Suggesting avenues of discovery

                        •  Assistance in developing a narrative approach, such as in preparation for a trial

                        • Ghost-writing press releases that would stress the elements of your or your client’s story or position that would be newsworthy

and, thus, more likely to generate coverage


                  Curran Research Services also does small jobs. If you need to locate someone, such as for service, or need to know something quickly, call or e-mail me and I will get on it. If someone dumps a box of documents on you, or depositions, and you need someone to review them and locate the pertinent details, I can do that as well.

          General ApproachThe client will set the time-frame, and I will meet it.  If I cannot meet the deadline, I will tell you as much.  I will also tell you if I do

not think I will be able to help you, rather than billing you for wasted time. If I can't foresee that from the start, I will let you know as soon as I determine that.

          Resources. I subscribe to several services, including the Alabama and federal court systems (Alacourt and Pacer), a people/search and records provider; and Nexis, the news/information database of Lexis-Nexis, and which I found invaluable as a reporter. I have considerable experience in searching government databases, such as those of state agencies (Secretary of State Corporations and UCC's and professional licensing boards, for example), and probate court sites.

                 The Mobile Press-Register computer database, which goes back to 1994, is another great source of information that I routinely use, and other databases exist for other Alabama as well as out of state papers.



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