Three Examples of Terrible

Reporting by NY Times on

Siegelman Case


Three Case Studies in Terrible Reporting

by the Times

On the Siegelman Case


           The following three examples of bad -- as in lazy and/or biased reporting -- are by no means the greatest sins in the paper's coverage of the Siegelman case. Each, though, struck me for what they revealed about the paper's treatment of the prosecution of Alabama's former governor.

              With one exception -- "Oops, We Caught the Wrong Bass" -- the faults are of the sort that a regular reader would be unable to recognize. The "Bass Brother" mistake might have caught the eye of anyone who knows much about Texas (the Basses are famous there), or of those who read the Times' corrections.

              The errors on the "Bass Brother" example required the Times to print not one, but two corrections.

              I call the three case studies:

              "Oops, We Caught the Wrong Bass"

              "The Missing Identifier"

              "No Questions Asked"




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