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The New York Times Couldn't Find Alabama on a Map:

An Examination of the Mis-Coverage of the Siegelman case in the National Media."

The following is a slightly expanded and in some parts altered version of a booklet I provided to those who attended my presentation, held Oct. 29 at the National Press Club in Washington.

1: Cover Page

2. Summary of Presentation

3. Jill Simpson's Affidavit, featuring the KKK and Karl Rove

4. The Alabama Media and Simpson's Affidavit

5."Otis to the Rescue!"

6.  Excerpt from book summarizing stories and editorials in the New York Times

7. List and links to NY Times 40-plus stories/editorials about Siegelman or referring to his situation

8. Three Case Studies in Terrible Reporting by the Times on the Siegelman Case

   8A: "Oops, We Caught the Wrong Bass.
8B:  "The Missing Identifier"

   8C: "No Questions Asked"

9. The Selective Prosecution Farce

10. "The Story Behind the Former Attorney Generals for Siegelman Story: They're His Old Friends."

11. The Two Who Didn't Bite: The reporting by Carrie Johnson of the Washington Post and D.C.-based Associated Press

reporter Ben Evans provides an interesting contrast to that of the Times, Time magazine, "60 Minutes," and others who

went hook, line and sinker for the bait offered them by Team Siegelman.

12. "What do the wrongs committed against blacks during the Civil Rights Movement have to do with Corruption Investigations

in Alabama and Mississippi? Nothing, of course. Someone tell that to the New York Times."

13. Author letter to New York Times, asking questions about matters to be broached in book

14. Rappin' on Rove: This is a collection of some of Siegelman's more memorable, and frequently funny, broadsides

directed at "Bush's Brain."

15. Records from G.H. Construction investigation, and the "cover-up" charge regarding Siegelman's motorcycle

16. Summaries of other Siegelman Scandals, including the Scrushy aspect of the prosecution, along with some records.

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