Good review in Birmingham News

      The book received a great review in on March 28 from Birmingham News editorial writer and columnist Robin DeMonia. DeMonia, the paper's former top investigative reporter in Montgomery, used her description of the book as a jumping off point for her commentary on the many corruption cases in Alabama. Click here for DeMonia's column on the book.

For Roy Hoffman's story on me and the book in the Press Register, published on Feb. 1, Click Here

For John Sledge's review of, "The Governor of Goat Hill, in the Press Register, Click Here

In a Montgomery Advertiser story on the Alabama Book Festival, Alvin Benn quoted me and long-time Siegelman friend and backer Julian McPhillips. The latter said "The Governor of Goat Hill," was, "trash," which, coming from him, is probably a complement." For the entire story, go here.

Brian LeCompte, published what I thought was a perceptive and in some parts critical review of the book on his Flashpoint blog. Flashpoint, like LeCompte, is based in Huntsville, and provides commentary on politics from a conservative point of view. For the complete review, click here.


Uncle Henry Show

On May 6, Uncle Henry and I discussed a wide range of subjects,

including a response to a listener question about Steve "Cheech" Nodine. This was, mind you, several days before the death of Angel Downs.

Should you be interested in some subjects but not others, here's a

break-down of subjects discussed, by minute-mark.



Start: On self-publishing a book, the book, and matters regarding Siegelman.

Minute 14: Discussing, and I think, debunking, the importance of . Siegelman's support from some 90 former attorneys general; and allegations that Siegelman was prosecuted for political reasons.

Minute 23: Responding to a question about "bingo" and related issues, including Milton McGregor, Larry Langford and Troy King.

Minute 28:30: My analysis of the problems with the corruption-ridden leadership of the Alabama Democratic Party, and its lack of an ideology.

Minutes 30-40: A "Freddy Alert" and advertising, etc.

Minute 40 to finish: Talking about the origins of stories on Eddie Smith, and begin a discussion that leads into the second hour, on the origins of the stories about Fred "Hollywood" Barkley.



Start: Talking about Hollywood Barkley and the stories about him, and more on Eddie Smith

Minute 16: Response to question about Steve Nodine's main problem at that time -- the marijuana found in his county-issued truck.

Minute 21: Uncle Henry reads letter from Doug Kilborn, the son of Siegelman lawyer Vince Kilborn of Mobile, and I discuss Kilborn's representation of Siegelman.

Minute 25: Discuss the state of the newspaper business and the Mobile Press-Register.

Minute 35: The state of Siegelman's appeal, and the likelihood of him

returning to prison.


On March 5, I was on the Paul Finebaum Show. Much of the first half of the hour-long show was devoted to the sentencing that day of Birmingham mayor Larry Langford, with most of the latter half devoted to the book.

Click here for link to the podcast of that show

On March 8, I was on the Uncle Henry Show in Mobile. He had read the book and was full of good questions.

Click here for a link to the podcast of that show


Radio, television or print media interested in doing something on the book can reach me at:


Phone: 251-454-1911.





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